Workplace Performance Coaching Services

Your Coaching Space is here to support everyone to be able to give it their best!

We do this by designing services that are fun, easy to use and give you back control.

By providing coaching services which are led by Technology and powered by Neuroscience to bring the science of performance to the workplace.

Let us help you now!


By strengthening our own and our team’s resilience we are better able to muster the personal and social resources to deal with the many challenges working lives can throw at us all.

Increased levels of resilience in the workplace leads to increased profits.

By lowering chronic levels of stress and burnout we reduce absence and turnover leading to reduced running costs for businesses.

Because we simply can't afford not to.

Chronic stress levels have doubled in the last 5yrs in Ireland alone and are due to increase with the upward trend in our services based economy with it's high levels of emotional demand and time pressure. Stress management with it's strategies for managing stress in the workplace are now as essential as our recruitment programmes.

Features and Benefits

How we do it?

Easy to use fresh innovative wearable technology with rigorous scientific foundations & all supported by one to one coaching

Convenient technologies can be used remotely at home or in the office according to the client’s schedule

Flexible scaffold of layered services that can be offered as standalone or as packages

Cost effective pay as you go or packages allow you and your organisation to choose the best option that suits

Bespoke & individualised to each client

Highest Professional and Ethical Standards Psychological Society of Ireland Code of Professional Ethics

Latest Blogs


  • Martina Ryan
    Frances is a skilled business psychologist and performance coach who uses advanced technology to accelerate her work. She is empathetic, insightful, down to earth and a delight to deal with. I recommend her highly. Martina Ryan
    Martina Ryan
    5 Star Google Review
  • Lauren Mulligan
    Love working with Frances. Excellent service & would highly recommend. Frances blends some of the latest science into practical and easy to use tools which I can then apply to help keep my stress levels in check, build my resilience and ultimately hit my deliverables in business. Lauren Mulligan
    Lauren Mulligan
    5 Star Google Review
  • Peigi Whelan
    I am really enjoying this programme, Frances is knowledgeable and supportive and the level of contact is perfect for me. I'm noticing some really positive changes in my ability to focus in both work and personal life. Looking forward to the next stage! Peigi Whelan
    Peigi Whelan
    5 Star Google Review
  • Elaine
    My father and I both found the ILS protocol to be transformative. It's a very simple but effective approach that facilitates very positive change. Frances was very helpful in every way and helped us feel safe and sound which is crucial to the whole process. Elaine
    5 Star Google Review
  • David Normoyle
    Her experience as mentor, coach and trainer were drawn upon many times, and she never disappointed....Always professional but never conventional, Frances is empathetic and a natural leader and facilitator. Spotlight Business Improvement
    David Normoyle
    Business Consultant
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