performance training


Using easy to use fresh innovative wearable technology with rigorous scientific foundations we have created a scaffold of layered services for your workplace performance coaching and training needs. All underpinned by one to one coaching.
Whether you are looking for support personally or as an employee, team leader, manager or executive we can help you with your stress control, resilience & peak performance.
Moving through our Resilience Boost to our Performance Brainwave Training programmes we balance and strengthen performance by grounding emotional intelligence, building focus and sharpening peak performance.

3 Step Resilience & Performance Coaching

All supported by one to one coaching, bespoke & can be offered completely virtually:
  • Dedicated performance coach for duration
  • Your performance coach will monitor & support your progress all along the way from their online Dashboard and by email/phone/video conference as required
  • Pre & Post training reporting packs

Step 1 ~ Share & Prepare


One to one meeting with client to discuss what has brought them to seek support & discuss their broad goals for coaching.

Step 2 ~ Measure and Agree


Clear baseline established. Specialized assessments are carried out to determine the clients current autonomic state & emotional awareness. Agree on the client’s specific performance goals be measured.

Step 3 ~ Train & Review


Scaffold of layered services which are technology-led & neuroscience-based. Depending on the services required moving from our Resilience Boost using Resilience Coaching & Training through to the Level 1-3 of our Performance brainwave training to reach the client's goals. Wrap up one to one session with your Performance Coach.

Resilience boost

Auditory tool which helps retune the nervous system, to introduce an increased sense of safety and the ability to socially engage. A five day programme (1 hour per day).

Performance Brainwave Training

Moving from L1, L2, L3 neurofeedback performance brainwave training we support the client to ground emotional intelligence, build focus & sharpen peak performance. Each Level is a one month programme (20 hours training).