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About the tech behind Your Coaching space

Helping you and your teams improve performance and productivity. Using easy to use innovative wearable technology with rigorous scientific foundations. Bespoke and individualised to each client.

Our Performance Brain Training

A neuroscience based brain training tool using neurofeedback it trains your brain to optimise its functioning. Wearing a convenient lightweight headset that can sense your brain wave activity together with the latest innovative neurofeedback software that can respond to the changes in your brainwave patterns.

Our amazing brains are responsible for our experience of moods, thoughts, and all our cognitive/mental abilities. All this brain activity can be measured in electrical pulses and it can tell us a lot about how it's working. When brain activity is measured in real time (EEG), different patterns of brainwaves can be seen, which can inform us about the mental state of the person.

​With our Coach lead neurofeedback based brain training, you are given a reward through visual/auditory stimuli direct from your tablet or phone on the changes in the mental state in real time as measured by EEG.

​For example, if training for relaxation then whenever the brain is relaxed (i.e. alpha brainwaves intensify) a rewarding nature sound emerges from your mobile/tablet. But when the brain loses that state the rewarding sound disappears, thus notifying the brain in real-time that it needs to regain that state once again.​ Your brain learns to naturally shift to the desired state, enjoy it and sustain it when required!

As your personal Performance Coach we create a training program just for you, and monitor your progress all along the way to help you achieve results. Simply by playing games or watching videos through our App on your phone or tablet while wearing your brain sensing headband, you use real-time visual and auditory feedback to help balance your brain to perform at its best!

We never use standard worded automatic updates when communicating with our client’s on their progress. All feedback is based on your training and yours alone. So you get the best of technology controlled and supported by your own Performance Coach.

Our Resilience Boost

A scientific research-based intervention that involves listening to music that has been processed specifically to retune the nervous system.

As the intervention calms the nervous system it is turning down the volume of the older subconscious survival brain which runs the show when we are feel stressed, challenged or even in danger. This in turn allows our evolutionary newer frontal cortex with our higher cognitive functions which are under your conscious control to take charge.

This means essentially we are less likely to simply react to situations and people which challenge us but instead gives us the ability to be rational and to choose the most appropriate response.

By doing this we are strengthening our Resilience by helping ourselves to be more stable emotionally which allows our thinking to be more flexible thereby making learning/coaching easier.


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