the tech


Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

What is the SSP?
  • SSP is an auditory tool which helps rebalance the nervous system & give it back its flexibility
  • It involves listening to vocal music that has been acoustically modified using a research based algorithm that triggers the nervous system to feel safe
  • It does this by strengthening the middle ear muscles. This allows you to pick out the frequencies of human speech more easily again which is a trigger of safety to the nervous system allowing it to calm
  • Stress will cause these muscles to relax. This is a survival mechanism to prioritize low frequency /predator level sounds

Why are we using the SSP?
  • Calms the nervous system - health, growth & restoration
  • Gives an increased sense of safety and the ability to socially engage
  • Strengthens our resilience by helping us to be more stable emotionally which allows our thinking to be more flexible

How do we use the SSP?
  • Your Performance Coach will give you remote access via the SSP App from the Unyte platform
  • You will be given access to you own 5 day programme (1 hour per day)
  • Your Performance Stress Management Coach will monitor & support your progress all along the way from our online Dashboard


The Tech

We use a clinical grade light weight 'Muse' headset that can sense your brainwave activity. This works with the latest neurofeedback software from 'Myndlift' that can respond to the changes in your brainwave patterns.

The Science

What is Neurofeedback brainwave training?
  • Brain activity can be measured in electrical pulses
  • When measured in real-time using EEG (Electroencephalogram) technology different patterns of brainwaves can be seen
  • Specialized software on the computer can then work out what mental state you are in and give you feedback in form of training games/videos that are influenced by your real time brain activity
  • So how does our Performance brainwave training work?

    1. So while you are training for focus you will be logged into your Myndlift account via the Myndlift App which is connected with Bluetooth to your Muse brain sensing headband
    2. This means you brain wave activity can now be sent in real-time to the software which can determine which mental state you are in
    3. Whenever your brain is focused (i.e. low-beta brainwaves intensify) you get a pleasant sound and the space ship flies higher
    4. But when the brain loses that state the sound disappears & the space ship drops and flies along the ground
    5. This 'tells' your brain in real-time that it needs to regain that state once again
    6. You will do four games of 6mins long in each session
    7. Or if you prefer you can even watch YouTube for 20 mins instead where the video will play only when your brain is focused

    The Performance

    • With your personal Performance Coach we create a training programme just for you
    • Our Business Psychologist monitor your progress all along the way from our online Dashboard and send you regular updates and reporting on your progress

    Moving through our L1, L2, L3 training programmes we support you to ground emotional intelligence, build focus & sharpen your peak performance
    • Level 1 Ground
    • Level 2 Build
    • Level 3 Extend