Whether you are working from home, the office or like so many now hybrid the only constant is you. And we can all do with a little extra help now.

Join me for my new live interactive lunchtime workshop bursting with information, tips & tools to give you the steps to reduce stress, fatigue & succeed no matter where your desk is!

✔ Bite sized

✔ Time sensitive
Held at lunch time so you can 'eat and learn' 

✔ Limited participants
Numbers will be small per session to ensure my full support to everyone

✔ Totally Flexible
  Live sessions will be recorded and made available to participants so if you missed it you won’t miss out

✔ Fully Supported
  • A resource pack will be provided for each session. This will include practical tools, tips, recommendations for videos/online resources/books and more
  • Access to a private LinkedIn group which will give you exclusive bonus material 
  • Email support from me

What you need to know & practical tools, tips and resources covering;

  • Step 1. Physical foundations
  • Your brain evolved to keep your body alive & well so it makes sense to boost this first;

  • Step 2. Emotional intelligence
  • Emotions are the language of the body & understanding yours is a critical skill in managing your energy

  • Step 3. Power your brain
  • Harness your brains ability to change based on how you use it - neuroplasticity

  • Step 4. Physical & virtual workplaces
  • Understand the sometimes surprising challenges each presents to our health, wellness & productivity and how to best work with them for you.

Book now for May 9th

Day: Monday
Time: Lunchtime 1.15-2⁠
Where: Zoom
Cost: €19
*In-house rates available upon request